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Polartec Power Stretch FR

Polartec FR Fabrics

Rapid, arc flash incidents release an overwhelming amount of energy and cause serious damage to an unprotected worker. NFPA 70E, the standard for electrical safety in the workplace, suggests wearing arc rated, flame resistant PPE to combat potential injury.

The entire Polartec FR line meets and exceeds the recommended standard. It is inherently and permanently flame resistant for unparalleled protection.  Polartec FR fabric features a patented dual-layer knit construction which moves moisture away from the skin and dries quickly, separating it from other flame resistant products.

Polartec FR fabrics are made from a unique blend of jersey/mesh fibers, creating a permanent flame resistance. Their FR properties are inherent, not chemically treated, and will never wear out or weaken. Rest assured, Polartec FR fabrics will not melt or drip on skin when exposed to extreme heat or flame. Worker mobility and overall safety are increased with a patented layering system which lessens garment bulk.

Power Stretch FR by Polartec

Polartec Power Stretch FR goes above and beyond flame resistance, combining superior comfort. It’s crafted to exceed expectations and beat out other flame resistant fabrics. Long gone are the days of cumbersome restrictions on the job; Featuring a patented “4-way stretch,” Power Stretch FR fabric allows for a greater range of mobility and motion. Just knowing you have freedom of movement leads to an incredible sense of comfort.

Polartec’s high-efficiency grid construction gives Power Stretch FR the ability to capture your warmth, without adding weight. You will stay at an optimized, comfortable temperature, without having to adjust the thermostat. Power Stretch FR also boasts the patented moisture wicking properties you find in all Polartec fabrics. Highly-breathable and fast-drying properties ensure you will feel your best all throughout the day.

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